14 karat white gold
featuring an 8mm
amethyst adorned
with green
(tsavorite) garnets
and pink tourmalines
Shiny  Sparkly   Bold

Gold is an incredible chameleon of a material.

Naturally it has a rich yellow hue, but can be
augmented to appear green, red, white and many other
shades. I try to take advantage of the many moods gold
can create to add variety to my designs.
Finish the rings with some precious and semi-precious

instant bliss.

14 karat rose gold
studded with rubies and
14 karat rose gold
mounting presenting
a 10 x 14 mm
lavender cubic
14 karat rose gold
featuring a 12mm smokey
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suzanne wong  designer
157 1/2 5th street unit b cambridge ma 02141
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14 karat white
featuring a 10 x 14 mm
oval swiss blue topaz
surrounded by pink
14 karat green gold
paired with a 6mm white
baroque pearl and 4
dookie the dog