14 karat white gold
cradling a 12 carat
pineapple cut,
cushion-shaped blue
topaz bordered by
olive green and white
diamonds on the prong
custom work

I really enjoy custom work.  It allows
me to execute designs that I have in the
works, but haven't put the time into
finishing or don't have the income to
produce for my enjoyment.

I work in silver, all karats of gold,
and platinum.  Diamonds (colored and
white) and other precious stones are
readily available to me.  

If you want to give grandma's stone a
new life or have that awe-inspiring ring
for your special moment, I may be able
to help. Feel free to contact me with
your project and ideas.
Men's and women's
wedding bands in
Designed for future
stone addition.
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suzanne wong  designer
157 1/2 5th street unit b cambridge ma 02141
617 694 0087

dookie the dog