about me
I'm a typical opinionated, uncompromising, self-important Bostonian
(or maybe it's because I'm the youngest of 6 children-  hmmmm).  
Combined with my love of over-exaggerated things, I create jewelry
that amuses me.  Like a robin, shiny is good.  Like a man, "bigger
is better."  Could I have simpler design objectives?

I've studied somewhere fun (Rhode Island School of Design, RI) and
somewhere dry (North Bennett Street School, Boston) to cultivate
the skills I have today.  There's still lots to perfect, and more
to be exposed to, but I'm not doing so badly.

Well, anyway, I'm going to go stare at some of my creations and get
that giddy, bubbly feeling.  Thanks for stopping by.  Oh yeah-
Dookie wags his stumpy tail for you.


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suzanne wong  designer
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dookie the dog